Love without labels

On July 7 2017, I watched my little girl get married. Watching her and witnessing such a joyous occasion gave my heart so much expansion.

I’m blessed to give her something my mother couldn’t give to me. I support my daughter’s choices fully and she knows I don’t have a list of conditions in order for me to love and support her. I always make it known, I support anything that embraces  unconditional love. I am very proud that I have a new daughter in law, another soul to love.  What a loss for those who chose not to support this ceremony of love. Both of the bride’s fathers chose not to attend and show loving support for a gay wedding. In declining, they did however give both myself and the other bride’s mother the opportunity to walk our daughters down the aisle. I was truly honored.

Kaitlyn and her mother, Susan ❤


Me, walking my daughter, Candice to her bride. ❤

wedding 777

So much love everywhere! ❤


I am in love! ❤

~Infinite Love

Phoenix flying into the sun

When I began this painting, I had no idea what it would end up being. I did a liquid pour style on panel board that came out very wild and crazy. 🙂 At first, I wasn’t impressed and told myself I’d save it as a background for another piece. Then, all of a sudden, I saw something in it. I began to add paint and it became a psychedelic phoenix flying into the sun. It is an 8×10  panel board.


I am in love!

~Infinite Love



Fun in the sun

I love the sun and have a special connection with it. I feel my body recharging as I close my eyes and breathe in the sun’s rays. I was blessed to take a little day trip to the beach with my sister and nephew. I received many downloads and energizing love. me sunset beach

My sister and nephew enjoying the ocean. ❤

sis and Jared

Of course! lovely seagulls. ❤


sunsetbeach11tree sunset

What a beautiful day connecting to source! I love nature! ❤

I am in love!

~Infinite Love