Paint, mystery and magic.

Every since I’ve changed my artistic process, my energy and intention is felt more my more by those you observe or those who are shopping. Creating from a space of complete “self” surrendering to spirit and soul has changed the feel of both my paintings and jewelry. I no longer question the flow and process, but let it happen. I love sharing and exchanging energy .. especially healing energies and what better way to do this than to infuse it into my work. What happens is, the artwork finds the right soul that desires it or feels it. It’s no secret I love bold colors.  ❤

At present, I’m getting acquainted with the technique dirty cup pour. Yes, it’s messy but amazingly fun.  For now, I’m enjoying creating these beautiful abstracts that are a sea of colors and shapes and design. Soon, I will incorporate the technique with my own style. ❤

Here are a few of my pieces so far.  First off… beautiful blends of pinks, purples and gold. First one is 12×12 inch canvas.  The heart painting was made for my granddaughter. ❤

pinkpurple heart

The next 2 are mysterious planets out in the universe. ❤ 10×10 inch canvas




2017-09-18 15.51.35

This one is a dirty cup pour on a canvas panel. It looks like an image take of Earth from up in space. ❤ 8×10 inches

2017-09-05 14.23.15

Often, I don’t plan a subject in my until a background is finished. This one has a dragon hidden right amidst the swirls of color. I call him “Puff The Magic Dragon” 😀

2017-09-05 21.04.31

The one below is called Blackberry Cosmos. ❤ Deep reds, purples, maroons, pink, gold and blac


I am in love! ❤ ❤ ❤

Infinite Love!





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