Love without labels

On July 7 2017, I watched my little girl get married. Watching her and witnessing such a joyous occasion gave my heart so much expansion.

I’m blessed to give her something my mother couldn’t give to me. I support my daughter’s choices fully and she knows I don’t have a list of conditions in order for me to love and support her. I always make it known, I support anything that embraces  unconditional love. I am very proud that I have a new daughter in law, another soul to love.  What a loss for those who chose not to support this ceremony of love. Both of the bride’s fathers chose not to attend and show loving support for a gay wedding. In declining, they did however give both myself and the other bride’s mother the opportunity to walk our daughters down the aisle. I was truly honored.



So much love everywhere! ❤


I am in love! ❤

~Infinite Love


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