Hummingbird spirit

I have always loved birds. Recently, I felt pulled to start painting them. I have no formal painting education other than books and YouTube. I’ve been fortunate to be inspired by some talented artists.

Hummingbirds have always fascinated me so. Not only are they extremely beautiful but I can relate to their energy. I’m sure they are one of my animal totems. I have many magical experiences with them that I will share with you one day.

I have finally learned how to listen to my “higher self”. spirit, source, whatever you choose to call it and create whenever the spark calls me. I find by doing that, everything flows wonderfully. I’m sure, I look like a child at play..:) Not only do I get “lost in time” it is when I enjoy the process the most.

I also love the cosmos, the universe, multiverse. Who doesn’t get lost in another world when looking up at the stars? It is the first thing I put down on my canvas before I paint a subject. Sometimes, the galaxy or nebula is so beautiful by itself that I will stop there. I will share with you a couple of my bird paintings and how they were created.

I was meditating one day and all of a sudden, I felt ping, ping, energy..I saw a bird in my mind’s eye flying from the universe. I have learned that this sudden energy and desire to create is a message from my higher self to express myself. It comes from my heart, a place of love and passion. Sometimes, when I begin, I have no structure at all. I just start throwing colors on the canvas and it just all comes together. It is fun and satisfying way to create. It also feels incredible to connect with “source” or divinity.

This is my “Hummingbird in Space” painting. He is painted in acrylics. Lately, most of my creations are “spiritual” in nature for me.






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